Hello! Welcome to my website.

My name is Serse and I am a graphic designer. Currently I live and work from Barcelona, my hometown, but whenever I can I love to move to new places.

Here you will find a selection of work I have done as an art director, graphic designer and illustrator for the fashion industry, editorial, advertising and culture, as well as some personal project.

My work has been reviewed by national and international magazines and blogs. I gave some lectures. And I participated in several exhibitions featuring personal works.

If you want to ask me something, offer me a job or a collaboration, or just say hello, I'll be happy to answer you.

Thank you.

Serse Rodríguez

All works © Serse Rodríguez 2013.
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Serse Rodríguez.
illustration and pattern for a wall paper.
  1. illustration and pattern for a wall paper.

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